Veteran Connections Track at Florida GovCon Summit Feb 28-Mar 1 Orlando - Solvability
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Florida GovCon Summit brings together small businesses in federal contracting for two days of Targeting, Teaming and Tactics. Many of these businesses are veteran-owned small businesses, with senior leadership committed to hire veterans.

The Veteran Connections track covers both days and includes the following speakers:


  • Mark Green of My Silver Boots with his new book Step Out, Step Up, A Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service.
  • Karen Gregory of HRSS Consulting, with “Boots To Boardroom”
  • Shane Johnson of Booyah Mortgage, with “3000 Miles for Your Why”
  • Kristy Nevils of Business Academy for Veterans, with “Victory for Veterans”
  • Pernell Bush of No Limits Empowerment
  • Paul Huszar of VetCor Services on “The Value of a Veteran”


  • Charting Your Career in Project Management with Eric Wright of Vets2PM, Steven Natschke of PM Pundit and Bernie Currie of HR Tampa
  • Finding Your Path in Technology Careers with Adam Sheffield of SecureSet discussing Cyber Security careers, Thomas Gil on education and careers in Modeling, Training and Simulation (MS&T), and Enrique Acosta Gonzalez with Vets2Data on careers in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


  • Creating Opportunities with Barron Mills, who has created an amazing list of resources and contacts across central Florida
  • Navigating Change with Dorothy Patrick, about the challenges of changing careers, finding your next path, networking in your new world, and learning to keep your focus forward and your attitude positive
  • Resources and Mentors with Brian Bilski, who served a Marine Wounded Warrior Regiment Director of Transition and is on the Executive Council of Mission United.


  • Michael Quinn of Prosphere on using LinkedIn
  • Everybody Sells with Ben Brown of 360 Sales Consulting
  • Cheap Tricks with Brook Borup of My Clone Solutions, on using online tools including customer relationship management (CRM), sales funnels, calendar integration – all the things that automate your back office!


  • Russ Barnes of Systro Consulting, on strategies for startups
  • Bryan Jacobs of Vets2Success, who started with Vets2Chef for training veterans in culinary sciences by creating programs through food and brew that help veterans find passion and purpose
  • Sanjay Bhaskar of StreetShares will discuss how veterans success more in business than any other segment, and how StreetShares works with veteran business owners.
  • Chip Ellis of Fed2Profit on getting started in federal contracting.

For more information or to register for the VETERAN CONNECTIONS track at the Florida GovCon Summit, visit