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We help Military Veterans become Project Managers by inspiring them about the incredible value of their military experience to the lucrative field of project management, training them how to manage civilian projects and earn professional certifications, and preparing them and placing them with employers who value their experience and expertise.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – We believe in honesty and transparency.  We treat everyone with respect and dignity, and provide the absolute best value that we can possibly deliver. We seek to instill confidence in our clients that they are well prepared and can always count on us to deliver the mission and results they expect.  We do this out of the depths of our heart with a passion to help other people succeed, even at the expense of ourselves.

  • Commitment – We are absolutely sold out to achieving and maintaining relationships with people that inspire them to succeed. We believe that our success is measured only by how successful we help our clients become. We are committed to the success of everyone we work with.

  • Excellence – We believe in doing the best we can at everything we attempt. We continually seek improvement in our processes, technology, relationships, and ultimately our character.  We strive to ensure that our clients receive the absolute best training, preparation, support, and customer service available anywhere.

Our Philosophy

We only took off the uniform, not our oath to our Brothers and Sisters; not one of them gets left behind.

Our Vision

We will be the project management trainer of choice for the Military, Defense, and Veteran communities; and we will be a leader in the International movement to help military Members, Veterans, and Retirees make a successful transition to civilian life after their honorable and dedicated service to their countries.