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For more than a decade, Visual Awareness Technologies and Consulting (VATC) has been delivering innovative solutions and services that help our intelligence, Special Operations Forces, conventional military, partner nation and commercial customers meet the challenges of an increasingly complex world. Through a unique combination of firsthand intelligence and special operational experience—combined with our expertise in innovative digital media replication, geospatial information development and visualization, and mission readiness assessment technology—we are playing a vital role in enhancing human performance and driving mission success.

Our joint training and exercise solutions are transforming the way that training is delivered and measured. From designing and customizing live, virtual and constructive training for Special Operations Forces to developing realistic joint and interagency training environments for U.S. and partner nations, VATC is creating fully integrated training experiences that consistently improve mission readiness.

VATC also provides a full range of operational intelligence services. Whether it’s supporting unmanned aerial missions around the world or helping simulate and validate intelligence data, our analysis and geospatial solutions are helping deliver actionable intelligence.

All our solutions and services are backed by the latest technologies. EPIC Ready™—a breakthrough technology platform built on our extensive operations training, intelligence support services, and Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) expertise—quickly and cost effectively helps create a realistic and objective training experience. Designed to fill critical gaps in joint training and exercise environments, EPIC Ready blends geospatial visualization analytics, human dynamics factors and performance analysis to create the most effective and realistic warfighter experience possible.