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Matross Edwards, LLC

Every day, small business contractors face countless challenges when competing for, or performing on, federal contracts.  However, finding affordable legal counsel should not be one of them.  At Matross Edwards, our firm’s ethos is to provide small businesses with cost effective legal representation.  Our primary goals are to help small business contractors grow their business, to resolve disputes as they arise, and to preserve existing agency relationships. 

We believe that by providing our clients with predictable legal costs, you can operate confidently with the knowledge that our service will be for the exact amount agreed to in our engagement letter.  We do not provide estimates or litigation caps, just a flat-rate fee.  As a small business, the Matross Edwards team understands the way small businesses operate, so if you are seeking an answer to a simple question, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We will never bill you for a five minute phone call.