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Lieutenant Colonel Mark E. Green, USA (Retired) left military service after 34 years of serving his country for a bigger mission. A mission of building resilience and assisting in transition for over 250,000 military members and their families a year who leave the service. He is a recently published author of the book Step Out Step Up with Echo Montgomery Garrett, an International award-winning author and their second book coming out soon titled Warriors CODE 001 that will assist veterans with the 7 Steps of Resilience. A book that is in the process of being converted into curriculum for Veterans to build their resilience and held in transition. Mark is a speaker, author and success principles certified coach and is a Florida based, veteran owned business. He is a graduate of Taft Law School and holds a Juris Doctor and holds a Masters in Organizational Management from Concordia St. Paul in Minnesota. He has worked for companies like Northwestern Mutual and is part of the Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses. He uses his education, military experience and community involvement to reach out to those who are challenged by transition. He used the Army Corporate Partners and also was a participant and completed the Boots to Business Program with Syracuse University to build his business. A fortunate outcome of that was that he was mentored by the previous Senior Producer of Good Morning America who is now a top-level executive with Harper Collins who selected his book over the holidays as a top #readtolead leader book of 2017. His book was also justselected as a November 2018 book of the month club slection by the Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Club- the largest book club in the world. Welcome Mark Green.