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Kathleen Wolf’s experience and expertise has spanned the globe, educating and consulting various entities from start-ups to exit strategies. Globally, she has assisted companies to identify and evaluate opportunities within various sectors, with unique insight into the geopolitical, cultural, and business acumen essential to be successful in various regions. She outlined the regulations; finance, tax & accounting; legal; business structure; relationship; HR & administrative; import & export controls; and security issues that need to be addressed when initiating a domestic or international business venture.

She has served in the role of Chief Financial Officer for domestic and international companies, where her expertise has guided strategic growth optimization. She has engaged in the negotiation of consortiums, JV’s, Strategic Alliances, partnerships & M&A’s.

With extensive experience in business structuring & modeling, human capital equity and operational restructuring leading to annual multi-million-dollar growth to portfolios in the billions.

She has a solid understanding of the myriad of issues that affect business sustenance, survival, and turnaround. Often an invited keynote speaker, she has also been interviewed on NPR and has been quoted in various articles including cover stories for the WSJ and CFO Magazine. She studied for her MBA at Edinburgh Business School.