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Karen J. Gregory

Karen J. Gregory

HRSS Consulting Group - Speaker / Sponsor

Karen J. Gregory has a visionary ability to identify the potential in people and organizations and
turn that into action that creates far-reaching and life-changing results. Her gift and vision to
motivate and inspire others to make workplaces better places for all is what led to her mission to
launch HRSS Consulting Group in 2012. A thought leader and fresh voice in the business world, Ms.
Gregory connects the dots between individual performance and organizational excellence. She
challenges and teaches business professionals and organizations to clearly identify obstacles that

are preventing them from transforming their status quo environments into thriving, high-
performing workplaces.

As President and CEO of HRSS Consulting Group, LLC headquartered in Cocoa, Florida, Ms. Gregory
has grown her company to include a team of experts in coaching, human resource (HR) strategies,
employee training, and organizational assessments and leadership development, of which all, when

established and leveraged successfully through her insightful and engaging techniques, create high-
performing organizations with positive results on their bottom line.

A recognized leader, Karen’s expertise in leadership development, behavioral change, and
performance management was honed over 20 years of experience as a behavior scientist. Creating
change through captivating and engaging her audiences, combined with her contagious energy,
compassion and humor inspire her participants to want to do more…to be more. She teaches by
her own example and provides pragmatic ideas and techniques that bring people’s aspirations into
reach. Engaged audiences consistently give her the highest ratings and say they left wanting more.
Better yet, she leaves audiences ready to take action that can lead to profound changes in their
personal and professional lives.
Karen’s gregarious and infectious attitude, coupled with her knowledge and experience, have made
her the natural go-to for large government-related organizations such as NASA/Kennedy Space
Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the U.S.
Military Services; highly sought after by prominent commercially-related organizations such as
Allstate Insurance, North American Shared-Services, Society of Human Resource Management

(Jacksonville), HR Florida, and the International Personnel Assessment Council; and the hand-
picked selection for creating results-driven outcomes for academia such as University of Central

Florida, Florida Institute of Technology, Rollins College and Penn State.
In addition to leading and engaging in her consulting firm, Karen is also a Lieutenant Colonel in the
U.S. Air Force Reserve, currently serving with the U.S. Special Operations Command, MacDill AFB,
FL. Additionally, Ms. Gregory serves on Congressman Posey’s Veteran Advisory Council and several
boards to include the Space Coast Chapter of Women In Defense, the LEAD Brevard Curriculum
Committee, and the Economic Development Commission (EDC) of Florida’s Space Coast.
Karen is also affiliated with numerous industry and professional organizations to include the
Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)
and the Florida Association of Veteran Owned Businesses. Ms. Gregory holds a dual track Master
Degree in Management and Human Resource Development and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology
with a minor in Sociology. She is also certified as a Mediator, Senior Professional in Human
Resource (SPHR) and SHRM Senior Certified Professional. Karen is married with two boys, Alonzo,
age 21, and Jacob, age 17.