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The Government Freelance Exchange (GovFlex) matches government agencies and contractors to the best independent experts they need for a project. GovFlex was established to provide leading e-Commerce-based practices to those who serve in government, the military, as well as the businesses and independent experts who support them. The company was created to streamline the process of finding needed talent quickly at competitive prices, while promoting compliance and ease of use. It is dedicated to enhance competition and reduce overhead the same way that “gig economy” platforms have enabled private sector enterprises and freelancers to work together on a project basis. GovFlex is a true end-to-end solution that begins with defining the expertise and skills required. The system identifies the most qualified subject matter experts available, helps the client identify the right expert and on-board them for the project. Our service continues through completion and payment for the project, even providing IRS Form 1099 income tax information to the expert at the end of the year. We protect the security and personal information of the experts and those who seek their services. Our prompt payment processing and handling of related financial information are leading practices in the government marketplace. Our team of founders brings formidable experience in government contracting and providing related business services.