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Bryan Jacobs of Vets2Success

My name is Bryan Jacobs I was originally born in Virginia in the United States however, I lived a very different lifestyle even as a child. Around the age of 8 food found me and it wasn’t by accident my grandfather happened to be a Chef, a German chef at that who served in the Navy during WWII. After returning from my tours of duty in Iraq with the Marine Corps, I fell victim to a hardship that a lot of veterans returning home from combat face. PTSD and the emotional hardship of fitting in back home, Fortunately I found my calling and after a stint with homelessness and numerous other rigors of life I was able to gather the courage to go to culinary school where with my military training helped me succeeded quite well, getting several opportunities to work with some of the best chefs in the United States. Soon I found myself in a opportunity to serve as the private chef to the Anheuser Busch family while attending school at USF-SM getting a bachelors in hospitality business. During this time my life took a turn that has brought many blessings from the hardship. I lost my younger brother to Veteran Suicide in May of 2014, that day has changed my life forever more. I started a program to make a difference in my brothers and sisters lives that would be more than just a hand out, it would be a focus and a drive towards change. After my studies abroad in France I have returned home to take the program to a new level, a nonprofit dedicated to changing my brothers and sisters lives through food and brew, we are Vets2Success.