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Bill Harris of Legion Systems

With over twenty-three years’ experience in strategic business planning, P&L and operational leadership, business start-ups, large-scale capture campaigns, systems & software engineering, and related roles, Bill continues to garnish the respect of entrepreneurs, major corporations like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, as well as mid-size players to include SAIC, Leidos, CACI, CSRA, L-3 and Orbital ATK to name a few.

Highly sought after for his unique combination of strategic and operational expertise in both the defense and commercial markets qualifies Bill to provide guidance and perspective to Senior Executives on a wide range of issues… evaluation of potential mergers acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures… in-depth reviews of programs with performance issues or other problems … development and positioning of new products, services, and markets while strengthening and expanding current capabilities … discovering untapped opportunities for cooperation and collaboration throughout the industry.

An energetic and inspiring leader, Bill saw no other option than to assume the reins of CEO, Legion Systems as a means of creating A-teams and marrying skills, capabilities and technology, to address the urgent and compelling needs of the DoD customers …ensuring his team consistently provides the highest competitive advantage and value for the end-customer. This visionary expertise and his ability to develop strategic partnerships and implement unconventional solutions has resulted in Legion Systems’ reputation for “translating theory into results”, both on and off the battlefield.

Bill’s impressive track record in the development and delivery of innovative rock-solid capture strategies and campaigns, proposals, P&L leadership, products, and services to maximize business diversification and growth is a direct result of his extensive knowledge and demonstrated experience. He continues to build his success through his personal trademark of enduring, time-tested customer relationships, iron-clad profitable growth and performance strategies, and intimate executive mentoring.

In working with Bill, you will discover an impressive track record as a collaborative and innovative business owner and entrepreneur, including such achievements…

  • Successfully capturing more than $900M worth of new business in just 18 months
  • Leading the development of Unmanned Air Vehicle System for the US Navy (worth over $1.5B)
  • Business start-up structure and resources for a $1.5B Government contract
  • Successful entrepreneur, business owner and joint venture collaboration leader
  • Leveraging growth potential while minimizing “collateral damage” through mergers, acquisitions business integration, divestitures and other complex organizational change environments

and much more. In total, more than $5 BILLION in new business competitive capture, leadership, and implementation!

Bill is exactly the sort of visionary leader and innovator to help guide his clients, partners, and businesses to even greater growth, market and end-user impact and business profitability.


“My mission is to make a difference. I have a keen ability to shed light in dark places to expose blind spots and missing pieces, and discover those “don’t-know-what-we-don’t-know” factors that lead to strong, unifying strategies. At Legion Systems, we choose our clients based on their enthusiasm for learning, winning, having fun and leaving a legacy!”