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Barron Mills is a servant leader. Having grown up as the son of a career Army officer, and then serving in the Marine Corps himself for 20 years, he has been on five continents and to dozens of countries and seen the best and worst that the world has to offer. A habitual problem solver, Barron believes the best source for solutions is a free market where ideas, people, and processes succeed on their merit. Barron’s expertise includes cross-functional team building, stakeholder management, concept development, organizational planning, resource management, technology integration, and leadership. He relishes opportunities for adapting to unique and challenging situations in order to deliver distinctive products. His prior experiences include leading Marines on missions in the Mediterranean, Haiti, Cuba, Iraq and Afghanistan; screening and evaluating Marine Corps officer candidates; building and then assisting a 3,000-man Iraqi infantry brigade; managing operations for a schoolhouse with 14 unique courses and 6,000 annual students; managing a $42M project to develop and sustain a command and control training system; and managing a 6 month collaborative effort of 12 distinct organizations and 50 subject matter experts to demonstrate a first-of- its-kind technological training capability to the Marine Corps. Barron’s eclectic background includes a degree in Chemistry and a Masters in Program Management. Barron’s current activities include serving as a consultant through in solutions, with a focus on organizational planning and the modeling, simulation, and training industry; co-founder of BuyGreen Partners, a web-based marketplace for renewable energies; serving in various capacities with multiple veteran service organizations; and working to better connect the Central Florida veteran and business communities.