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FLGOVCON64- Creating a Culture of Trust

In this episode Jenny Clark and Barbara Stankowski talk about Creating a Culture of Trust and another way of promoting a positive work environment from both the manager and employee perspective. Also what will be covered at the Florida GovCon Summit. Performance...

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FLGOVCON61- Convergence

In this episode Jenny Clark talks about convergence, collaboration, and the Florida GovCon Summit. The Network REGIONAL CONCENTRATION FLORIDA ALABAMA GEORGIA SOUTH CAROLINA NORTH CAROLINA   GROWTH TRENDS from THE INDUSTRIES OF THE FUTURE by Alex Ross CyberSecurity...

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In this episode Jenny Clark talks about the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA 2018) NDAA 2018 Ceilings UPDATED Ceilings Other Transaction Authority Incurred Cost Audits LPTA Bid Protests UPDATED Ceilings Simplified Acquisition Threshold raised from $100K to...

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FLGOVCON55- Benchmarking

In this episode Jenny Clark talks more about the upcoming Florida GovCon 2018 Summit and Benchmarks. Virtually Vertical Strategies to Scale Your GovCon Business Florida GovCon Summit 2018 February 28-March 1 Orlando Are you ready to Grow? Virtually Vertical in 2018 Do...

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FLGOVCON54- Florida GovCon 2018 Invitation

In this episode Jenny Clark talk about the upcoming Florida GovCon 2018 Summit. With a goal for companies to go virtually vertical and double in size, this episode is one you don't want to miss. Jenny goes over what will be covered, shares her recommended...

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FLGOVCON43- All Small Mentor-Protege

In this episode Jenny talks about the All Small Mentor-Protege program and how you can take advantage of it and move your company forward. Is there a Joint Venture in your Future? All Small Mentor-Protege Similar to 8(a) Mentor Protégé SBA, not DOD First applications...

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FLGOVCON42- Standing Up To Predatory Primes

In this episode Jenny talks about the issues and concerns with working with a Prime Contractor, IDIQ, and the math involved in figuring it all out. Does this sound like you? You’re teamed with a large Prime Contractor on a “must-win” bid It’s an IDIQ worth nearly a...

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FLGOVCON40- GovCon Math Cash Flow

In this episode Jenny breaks down the do's and don'ts of the cash flow and explains the process for her examples. Don’t Do This: 1. Take Draws when needed instead of establishing salary 2. Be liberal with personal loans to employees 3. Give bonuses when you hear...

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FLGOVCON34- 12 Steps to Cash Flow GovCon

In this episode Jenny really delivers a message with a punch! If you want to know and understand cash flow do not miss this episode! Twelve Steps for Managing Cash Flow 1. Bill Faster 2. Payroll to Paycheck Lag/Payroll Service 3. Process Timesheets faster 4. Net 30 or...

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FLGOVCON32- DFARS 252.204-7012

DFARS 252.204-7012 with Jenny W Clark Cyber Security Requirements for Defense Contractors DOD Cybersecurity Requirements December 2017 NIST 800-171 CUI- Controlled Unclassified Information Notify DOD CIO Self-Asserted SAM Audit Teams Cyber Requirements Access controls...

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FLGOVCON28- Taking Care Of Your Team

In this seventh episode of the Florida GovCon Marketplace Series Jenny talks about Taking Care Of Your Team. She covers benefits like healthcare, 401K, and more. Learn how you as a small business can take care of your employees and what the options are when it comes...

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FLGOVCON26- Where is My Innovation Budget?

In this fifth episode of the Florida GovCon Marketplace Series Jenny talks about what it takes to create an innovative budget and how this fits in with the Florida GovCon Summit on March 29th and 30th in Tampa. For more information on the Florida GovCon Summit click...

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FLGOVCON25- Trust but Verify

In this fourth episode of the Florida GovCon Marketplace Series Jenny talks about cyber security issues and how businesses need to protect against them. How when building a business relationship you have to trust but verify that they are doing their part to protect...

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FLGOVCON24- Announcing Florida GovCon Summit

In this third episode of the Florida GovCon Marketplace Series Jenny introduces our premier business summit coming up in March. She gives a breakdown of what is planned for the Florida GovCon Summit including speakers, topics, and how this is all going to help you!...

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FLGOVCON21- Pricing Strategies Summary

This is the seventh and final episode of the Pricing Strategy Series brought to you by Jenny W Clark. In this episode Jenny gives you a Pricing Strategies Summary. Our new series starting next week will be on Veteran Connections. Pete Blum will be talking to Veteran...

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FLGOVCON 05 – Contract Types

Contract Types Today’s podcast is all about types of federal contracts.  We won’t cover all of the details, but enough to give you a basic understanding and be able to look up more information easily. There are really three main contract types – Fixed Price, Time &...

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FLGOVCON 02 – What is a Wrap Rate?

WRAP Rate – W R A P In federal contracting, a wrap rate is the hourly billing rate that you’ll charge a client for each hour of time.  It’s usually associated with Labor Categories such as Program Manager, Senior Engineer, Junior Analyst: job titles that match a...

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What is FL Gov Con?

Florida GovCon is a weekly series based podcast where you can expect fresh and new content each Friday. Between each series we will do interviews on topics that matter to you. supports the aerospace and defense community across the state of Florida, by connecting industry leaders and helping veterans along the path to transition. Veterans Connections is a fresh and new take on the business triumphs and struggles of the transitioning veteran into business. Each week we delve into a new story with interviews of veterans doing amazing things.

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