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OTA and Military Research

OTA’s | Learning Your Way Around Other Transaction Authority

What does OTA Mean and How Can I Take Advantage of it as a Government Contractor

OTAs or Other Transaction Authority have been around since the early days of the Space program, but are a hot topic in GovCon these days because of recent National Defense Authorization Acts of 2017 and 2018, which encouraged the use of “non-traditional defense contractors” and reduced usage of Cost-Type contracts for R&D.

The use of OTAs is complicated. DAU, Defense Acquisition University covers common myths and facts about OTAs.

Test Your Knowledge of the following statements |True or False

Myth 1: There is only one type of OT available to DoD.

Myth 2: The OT authorities are new and are rarely used.

Myth 3: Since an OT is termed an “agreement,” it is not a contract.

Myth 4: Since CICA does not apply to OTs, competition, and fairness are not a consideration.

Myth 5: OTs Cannot be Protested

Myth 6: None of the federal statutes or regulations apply to OTs.

Myth 7: OTs can only be awarded through a consortium.

Myth 8: The OT authorities can only use RDT&E appropriations.

Myth 9: Anyone in DoD can award an OT.

Myth 10: OTs will always be faster to award than other contractual instruments.

If you answered True to any of these myths or don’t know how you could access opportunities through OTAs join us for the

OTA panel at the 2019 Florida GovCon NextGen Summit.

Non-Traditional Defense Contractor

Small businesses, in general, are fit the definition of a “non-traditional defense contractor,” and the intent is to bring companies from outside the traditional defense community into the federal innovation market. This includes Ashton Carter’s outreach to Silicon Valley companies in an attempt to find the best and brightest in technology development and innovation. This outreach has not moved the needle forward significantly, for three reasons: 1) The commercial tech community recognized the low margins in defense contracting (from 3% to 7%) would not meet their ROI standards. 2) Defense innovation contracts unable to attract top talent from a compensation standpoint, and even more difficult to find workers with the necessary security clearances. 3) Although these were “agile acquisition” and “rapid prototyping” activities, it was still too slow for the commercial market.

Learning Your Way around OTAs

The OTA (Other Transaction Authority) contracting mechanisms have been around since the late ’50s, but recent NDAA updates have expanded their use so that prototypes can move faster to production.  This session includes subject matter experts from TARDEC, TReX, and NSTXL to discuss how OTAs work, and how they can help you solve advanced technology issues for federal customers.

Speakers: Iain Skeete NSTXL, Larry Ross and Almena Ryans from #AIRS OTA, and CarolAnn Dykes-Logue of USF-Business Incubator Program discuss what OTAs are, how they work, how to connect to a program of record, which consortia fit your targets, and how you can team and get your projects and revenue rolling.

If you’re a decision maker in federal contracting at a growing small business who is ready to take action and are #UNSTOPPABLE in achieving your vision, Florida GovCon Summit is for you. We’re bringing together small businesses who are beyond the startup level: Stage 2 Traction, Stage 3 Growth, and Stage 3 Acceleration.

Here is a quick video with an overview of this presentation

Sign up today at https://florida-govcon-summit-2019.eventbrite.com.

More Information on OTAs

Ground Vehicle Systems Center OTA Scope Coverage Is my firm a Nontraditional Defense Contractor CCDC Logo

Ground Vehicle Systems Center OTA Scope Coverage

Is my firm a Nontraditional Defense Contractor

DOD Consortium Model OTA Landscape – July 10th, 2018

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