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Orlando/Central Florida: the epicenter of the world’s modeling, simulation and training industry!

At the National Center for Simulation, a dedicated team led by Lt. Gen. Thomas L. Baptiste, USAF (Ret) provides the home base for this global industry, with shared resources and access to industry expertise. At the Florida GovCon Summit in Orlando on February 28 and March 1, we’ll hear from General Baptiste about how Orlando & Central Florida are the epicenter of the world’s modeling, simulation and training industry.

Walking through the exhibits at I/ITSEC 2017, you could see how MS&T improves the ability of the warfighter to prepare and train. MS&T allows for rapid testing and development responses to changing situations, while operating in a protected environment.

Listed below are just a few of the businesses who exhibited:

Carley Corporation

Cole Engineering Services Inc

Tenosar Corporation

Marathon Targets

Pulau Corporation

Advanced IT Concepts, Inc.

Yorktown Systems Group, Inc.

Trideum Corporation

RAYDON Corporation

Pinnacle Solutions Inc.

A. Harold & Associates, LLC

Adacel Systems Inc.

Meggitt Training Systems

Aero Simulation, Inc.

AEgis Technologies

Craig Technologies

Metova Federal, LLC (CyberCENTS)

Cybernet Systems Corporation

Quadrant Simulation Systems, Inc.

SimPhonics, Inc.

Talon Simulations

Rapid Prototyping Services

JANUS Research Group

SimiGon INC

REDCON Solutions Group

If you are a second-stage small business in federal contracting, planning to double in size in 2018, join us for the Florida GovCon Summit to hear from industry experts and other small businesses about how you can participate in the growth of MS&T and related industries, including SOF technologies, cybersecurity, unmanned systems, data analytics, and mission support services. More info at https://solvability.com/govcon-summit/.

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