GovCon 2021 Small Business Summit- Mastering the Game of GovCon - Solvability

GovCon 2021 Small Business Summit- Mastering the Game of GovCon


April 20-28, 2021


*Recordings of all sessions available after event


Learn tactics and strategies that have helped thousands of companies win over $2.8 Billion in government contracts from six of the Nation’s top GovCon experts.

By attending, you will:

  • Learn how to increase revenue and profitability
  • Learn how to increase your contract win rate
  • Learn how to grow your teams strategically
  • Broaden and deepen your professional network
  • Establish a network of quality, high-caliber teaming partners
  • Develop the mindset necessary to succeed in complex and shifting environments 

We’ve created a Virtual Accelerator Network designed around you – creating your Mission Map for GovCon with the Resources and Relationships to grow your Revenue … and hire more veterans.



What makes GovConSummit different from all the other small business conferences?


  1. Focused on veteran entrepreneurs in federal contracting, especially professional services and IT
  2. Concierge, curated Matchmaking designed around your SAMs profile and awards data plus your identified goals
  3. Creating valuable connections and opportunities for teaming and for all small mentor-protege
  4. Networking starts NOW on the Whova App with the profile you create including capabilities statement, logo, video, description and contact info. 

Don’t miss out on the valuable connections that Jenny Clark and our Engagement Executive, Stephanie Marquardt, will create for you!

GovCon 2021 Small Business Summit- Mastering the Game of GovCon

Meet The Keynote: Col. Chris Stricklin USAF Ret.

“A survivor’s obligation means making decisions based on our deeply held values.” -Chris Stricklin

In 2003, while performing in an airshow as a Thunderbird solo pilot, Chris ejected from his F-16 less than a second before the aircraft hit the ground. Surviving that crash changed Chris’s perspective on his life, family, and career.

Our 6 Summit Leaders bring high engagement, proven strategies and content to GovConSummit 2021.

Here is what we’ll deliver to you as a top leader in federal contracting competing as a small business:


Priority Registration now through February 28, 2021, rate increases March 1, 2021

Priority Access to 1:1 Matchmaking

Sneak Peek Sessions with Summit Leaders

Enhanced Profile on Whova Networking App

GovShop Profile and Spotlight

GovCon VIP Sessions with Inc 5000 CEOs

GovConSummit 2021

We’re creating engaging interactive sessions for small businesses to get Traction, Growth and Acceleration in the federal market.


SOCOM, NAWC-TSD, PEO-STRI, GSA, DHS, VA, MacDill AFB invited plus primes and teaming partners.


Workshops based on Becoming a GovCon Expert: How to Accelerate Your Success in Government Contracting by our Summit Leaders launching February 2021  

Big Spend Trends

Big Spend Trends including DOD Migration to the Cloud and Global Health Initiatives Response to COVID


Deep Water Point thought leaders including Tony Davis, Anthony Hess, Harry Thornsvard, Al Mink, and Howard Seeger.

Choose your Primary Alliance Track …

Don’t worry, you’ll still have access to them all!

Match Alliance

Matchmaking and Teaming

Hosted by Bass Berry Sims and Deep Water Point.

Innovation Alliance

Innovation for OTAs, SBIRS and Technology

Hosted by Public Spend Forum

Target Alliance

Target for Accelerating Revenue Growth

Hosted by Public Spend Forum and RSM Federal

Compliance Alliance

Compliance for integrated systems and processes.

Hosted by Cordia Partners, GovConPay, and Keystone Benefit Group

Human Alliance

Human for recruiting, retention, cultural fit.

Hosted by Vets2PM, GovConPay, and Keystone Benefit Group

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GovConSummit is a virtual accelerator NETWORK connecting veteran entrepreneurs in federal contracting with primary focus on Professional services, that hire veterans with clearances.

Why is this important?

Our mission is to help Veteran Entrepreneurs accelerate their success in federal contracting in a powerful community that shares their values of Mentorship, Inclusion, Teamwork, Camaraderie, Trust and Heart (MITCH), providing a sense of belonging and trust.

When Veteran Entrepreneurs in federal contracting focus on their long-term growth strategy, they reach sustainable success, which builds wealth and prosperity for themselves and their families, and the families of their employees. Their sustained success fuels economic growth and opportunities, so they can invest in their communities as they choose.

What can take you five years to accomplish on your own, can be done in months, with the guidance of executive coaching and consulting focused on tactics and strategies to shorten the sales cycle, improve market position, and accelerate revenue.

Instead of taking on the federal market alone, the GovConSummit community offers you the Resources, Relationship and Revenue Growth to accomplish in 5 months what will take others 5 years!

Our Summit Partners bring expertise to GovConSummit 2021.

Bass Berry Sims


Keystone Benefit Group

Deep Water Point

Cordia Partners

Public Spend Forum

RSM Federal


Systro Solutions

Onward Movement

Alinea Productions

Green Beret Media

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