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FLGOVCON71- GovCon Challenges and Trends for Small Business

In this episode Jenny Clark talks about GovCon Challenges and Trends for Small Business.

Challenges for Small Business

  • Creating a Pipeline
  • Focusing on future trends
  • Staying engaged with industry leadership
  • Understanding that competitors have changed
  • Finding strategies for sustainment



  • Search for Credentials and Checkbox items
  • Team Flipping
  • Personal relationships into corporate relationships
  • Constant investment in meetings, conferences
  • Use of advanced research tools for filtering your best opportunities
  • Long lead approach
  • Geographically choosy


How is your Company Found?

Profiles and Being Seen

  • SAMS
  • Website
  • Social Media Presence
  • Constancy
  • Credibility
  • Competency


Multiple Strategies

  • Expand services to new agencies
  • Focus on becoming Prime Contractor
  • Technology innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Requirements driven – Vehicle, Team
  • How can you adapt to commercial market?


Ask Yourself!!

What problems are you solving?

Where are the federal decision makers?

How can you find multiple ways to pursue market?


How could a CEO Alliance Mastermind help you?

E-mail me: jwclark@solvability.com


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