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In this episode Jenny Clark talks about the Veteran Connections Track at the Florida GovCon Summit. You get to learn who will be there and what they are talking about.

Veteran Thought Leaders

▶ Mark Green – Step Up, Step Out

▶ Karen Gregory – Boots to Boardroom

▶ Shane Johnson – 3000 Miles for Your Why

▶ Kristy Nevils – Victory for Veterans

▶ Pernell Bush – No Limits Empowerment

▶ Paul Huszar – The Value of A Veteran

Veteran Career Strategies

▶Charting your Career in Project Management

▶Eric Wright

▶Steve Natschke

▶Finding your Path in Technology Careers

▶Cybersecurity  – Adam Sheffield

▶MS&T – Thomas Gil

▶Data Science – Enrique Gonzalez

Veteran Transition Information


▶Barron Mills – Creating Opportunities

▶Dorothy Patrick – Navigating Change

▶Brian Bilski – Resources and Mentors\

Veteran Tips and Tricks

▶Networking and Online Tools

▶LinkedIn – Michael Quinn

▶Everybody Sells – Ben Brown

▶Cheap Tricks – Brook Borup

Veteran Business Startup

▶Veteran Entrepreneurship

▶Russ Barnes – Systro

▶Bryan Jacobs – Vets2Success

▶Sanjay Bhaskar – Streetshares

▶Chip Ellis – Fed2Profit

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