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In this episode Jenny Clark and Guy Timberlake talk about Ethical Stalking and the Simplified Acquisition Process. Also what will be covered at the Florida GovCon Summit.

Ethical Stalking for
Government Contractors™
at the Florida GovCon Summit

1.  What is the big deal about Simplified Acquisitions?

2.  What are you doing with your TWO SESSIONS at Florida GovCon Summit?

-What You Don’t Know About GovCon Codes and Contracts Can Hurt You

-FPDS-NG Overview (90 Minutes)

Best Way to Contact Guy:  See me at Florida GovCon Summit

e-mail: gtimberlake@theasbc.org                            

15 Reasons Simplified Acquisitions Should Be in Small Business Pipelines!

February 7, 2018  2PM Eastern

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February 28-March 1, 2018



Guy Timberlake, Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™


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