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In this episode Jenny talks about the All Small Mentor-Protege program and how you can take advantage of it and move your company forward.

Is there a Joint Venture in your Future?

All Small Mentor-Protege

  • Similar to 8(a) Mentor Protégé
  • SBA, not DOD
  • First applications October 2016
  • JV inherits socio-economic status of protégé

How the All Small Application Works

  • Two small businesses decide to pursue All Small and Joint Ventures
  • Online application with SBA
  • Online training and certificate upload
  • Approval by local SBA office
  • Start forming JVs

Benefits of All Small Mentor-Protege

  • Less financial risk of being a subcontractor to a small business
  • Allows existing teaming relationships to be rolled into peer relationship instead of prime-sub
  • Less capital required to form JV
  • Reduced complexity of billing/accounting

Why I LOVE Joint Ventures

  • Unpopulated Joint Ventures have NO employees
  • JV partners perform the work and invoice JV
  • JV combines invoices and bills the customer
  • Customer pays JV and JV pays JV partner invoices
  • JV partners share profits in JV

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