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In this episode Jenny W Clark and Traci Shepps talk about the numbers in GovCon Math for Winners!

GovCon Math

  • Wrap Rates
  • Multipliers
  • Fully-Burdened Rates
  • Billing Rates
  • Indirect Rates
  • Burdening
  • Fee

GovCon Math – What You Need

  • Bidding at the Right Price
  • Covering all Costs
  • Creating “What If” scenarios
  • Choosing projects with highest ROI
  • Pricing for new Markets

GovCon Math – Who Needs it

  • Responsible for winning bids
  • Decision Maker on Pricing
  • Compensation reflects your win rate
  • Financially responsible for company
  • Maximizing company value thru growth

GovCon Math – What Outcome

  • More revenue, more backlog
  • Pricing Methodology
  • Consistent, yet flexible, process
  • Quit wasting resources on bids that don’t work
  • Avoid bidding too high and losing

GovCon Math Workshop

  • Teaching you what we’ve learned on the job
  • There is no textbook for this!
  • Structured Methodology so you can adapt

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