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FLGOVCON38- How to Sell Your Federal Contracting Business

In this episode Jenny breaks down the process for how to sell your federal contracting business. There are many strategies of how to do it and she gives great examples of each.

Exit Strategies
 Management Buyout
 Company Split
 Employee Stock Ownership
 Private Equity
 Asset Purchase
 Merger or Acquisition

Your Prime Customer

Prime Backlog

Financial Review
 Three Years of Financials
 Revenue Growth
 Profitability
 Cash Flow

What they are NOT getting Value from
 Expensive Accounting Systems
 Your Balance Sheet – there is nothing there
 Subcontracts
 Unfunded Backlog
 Your Socio-Economic Status unless they match
 Management Team – likely to leave

What they can get value from
 Takeover of established locations and
 Reputation
 Intellectual Property
 Proven Technology
 Cultural Fit
 Established reputation in a market they want
 Past Performance within 3 years
 Your CLEAREDWorkforce

Government Contract Requirements




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