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In this episode Jenny really delivers a message with a punch! If you want to know and understand cash flow do not miss this episode!

Twelve Steps for Managing Cash Flow
1. Bill Faster
2. Payroll to Paycheck Lag/Payroll Service
3. Process Timesheets faster
4. Net 30 or Pay when Paid
5. Separate Subcontracts from Regular AP/Line
6. Get a Line of Credit when you don’t need it – use it!
7. Charge credit card on the day AFTER cutoff
8. Get Travel Expense booked before billing/Use ACH for AP
9. Do NOT expense costs to save on TAXES – tax plan!
10. Manage Labor Utilization
11. Don’t borrow from the bank to pay yourself (F&F too)
12. Be Profitable – Manage 90 Days Out

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