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Have you ever started you day with an online tech support session? One that never ends?

This one was from my QuickBooks issue from a few weeks ago.

For the last ten days, I’ve spent time trying to get my internet working – home office in a condo – drops every 15 minutes or so.

Each person I work with has a different skills set or authority, so I’m getting lots of different advice. I make progress with each one, but get held back because of misinformation and conflicting answers.

When I first called in to upgrade my internet, they said my modem was incompatible and needed to be replaced. Now, every couple of days, a new Spectrum tech shows up, then I talk to a new Tech Support person, who tests something different and gives me a different issues.

Bill said it was because I have 18 devices on my internet and that “you’re not allowed” to have all those devices (Alexa and her friends..), and that I’d just have to live with it. He also said my modem was only a couple years old so it probably would fail. But I said please send someone out.

Jared showed up, said the modem was defective and needed to be replaced, but he didn’t have the right replacement with him. Brian came out and said there was nothing wrong with the modem, and while here, he reset everything to defaults. I asked him to reset my network and password from BHNT blah blah blah and he said “we’re not allowed to do that.”

He left. Internet still dropping two hours later, so I called back in.

Jared came back the next time, and moved the modem out to my living room. He said call in if you have problems. It worked while he was here, but 15 minutes after he left it quit working. It seemed to be installing updates for hours.

Of course I still had problems – we’re just guessing at the solutions!

Lee was here from 5 to 7:30 – on a Friday night (right – how boring am I?) He had to find some box on my wall, replace the cable, put on a splitter, show me how to change channels on my Spectrum TV app. Improvement, but then my Amazon Fire Stick wasn’t working.

He changed my network name and password to something I can easily remember and share (thought that wasn’t allowed…) Once he left, I realized I’d have to reset all my Jinvoo Smart Plugs if I wanted Alexa to turn my lights on and off. Forgot that I’d need to change it on my SonOFF control that we installed in my fan – which means we have to open up the fan to hit the “reset” button in order.

We’re going to Best Buy today to get a router – they have a package that includes a Geek Squad installation.

Why am I telling you this story? Because although the automated responses and call queues are helpful, sometimes you really need to get to someone who can coordinate all these issues and knows how to fix it – who is knows how to tell when someone is just giving you an answer to make you give up and go away – or they are trying to blame the issue on something else (it’s your settings, not your hardware… whoever did your implementation…)

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