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One of the biggest issues with technology today is power – whether connecting to a power supply or having batteries.  During an August 13,2015 session for the AFCEA Pelican Chapter small business roundtable at SOFWORX, we heard from Mark Swanson of Tampa Bay Technology Forum (TBTF) discuss key technologies that the Thunderdome Initiative seeks.  The Thunderdome Initiative brings together technology goals that are shared across commercial and federal industries, with partners that include Florida Blue, Jabil, Draper Labs, Publix, TriBridgeCelestar, Lukos, Lockheed Martin, USF and SOCOM, to name a few.  These technology areas are:


  • Biometric Data Acquisition
  • Explosive Material Identification


  • High Bandwidth Technologies
  • Secure Mesh Networks
  • Advanced Data Management


  • Information Assurance Technology
  • Network Defense


  • Remote Treatment
  • Vital Signs monitoring
  • Canine Medicine


  • Improved Battery Solutions
  • Wireless power transmission

Power may be at the bottom of the list – but think about how innovation in any of these areas could affect your company’s future.  Join us at summit on March 24, 2016 in Tampa to learn more.  Our “Vision 2020” includes:

  • Kirk Burton with Byte Cubed and The Thunderdome Project
  • John Morrow of Morrow Consultants on Machine Intelligence
  • John Lambert of Unmanned Systems Research & Consulting on Unmanned Systems
  • Jeff Young of Marjau Systems on Cyber/IT/Hackathon

Quoted in Howard Altman’s article posted on Tampa Bay Defense Alliance Website, here is what SOCOM’s head of acquistion shares about the Thunderdome Initiative:

““We are looking at venues and creating opportunities where we can better interact with the local community and take advantage of the incredible talent in academic institutions, small business and large business and create venues where we can all come together and work on problems,” says James “Hondo” Geurts, Socom’s head of acquisitions.”

i4GovCon Summit was created as a venue for small businesses to participate in the Thunderdome Initiative.  With SOFIC 2016 coming to Tampa on May 22-23, this may be the best time to plug into your networks and start the conversation.