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DEFRAG your Life

We never like to slow down and do maintenance, but there are times when we are forced to do so. Like when we get sick, have family to care for, have to get our tax info together or our computer runs out of disk space.

If we don’t keep up with routines, it may take longer to get caught up. Like the other day, when the defrag routine on my computer took 3 days to run, and had to be repeated four times to get from 75% fragmented to 2% fragmented.

The defragmentation program takes data spread over the hard disk and reorganizes it to process more efficiently. We have to learn to defragment our own thought processes in order to reach higher levels of achievement.

In his new book Ascend: Forging a Path to Your Truer SelfBill Anton uses stories to explain how we can break away from self-limiting beliefs, and develop the skills to reach our highest potential.  He brings together concepts from neuroscience, psychology, systems thinking and other areas, and teaches methods to challenge ourselves and “do the harder thing.”

Imagine a world where business leaders create working environments that offer greater freedom and productivity, because they also encourage employees to stretch their own abilities. Ascend incorporates ideas from Peter Senge, author of The Fifth DisciplineSimon Sinek, author of Start with Why, and Bob Chapman, author of Everybody Matters.  Start the New Year right by getting your copy of Ascend today!

For more information about Dr. William Anton, visit the CEO Effectiveness website.

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