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How to Improve Your Indirect Rates & Pricing so You Can Win More Federal Contracts

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

You just lost out on a BIG CONTRACT you KNOW you should have won…

It would have set you up with the revenue you could count on for the next five YEARS… 

You were positioned strongly with the customer…

Your company was in place to deliver the EXACT services they needed…

 Yet you LOST the contract.

Your company would have been set up for FIVE YEARS.

Afterwards, you found out that your prices were a full 20% HIGHER than your competitors’ bids…

“How is that even possible!?” you ask yourself in disbelief!

Either your competitors are not paying their people fairly or they’re willing to lose money in order to get what should-have-been your contract!

The truth is most small federal contractors are FLYING BLIND most of the time…

They are either pricing too high and missing out on the work,

Or pricing too low and missing out on profit!

Most small businesses don’t know their costs and don’t have consistent pricing strategies, so they are missing out on contract wins, revenue and profit.

Does This Sound Like You?


  • Your primes dictate the billing rates for your bids
  • You keep reworking your pricing trying to figure out how to get more competitive
  • You’re using a spreadsheet from your old company or one that a friend shared with you
  • You’ve tried some of those online templates but they don’t explain anything
  • You’ve googled for answers but aren’t find information SPECIFIC to your questions, and the discussion forums are a pain to go through
  • You don’t know which costs are Fringe, Overhead and G&A
  • You’re not sure how indirect rates are calculated anyway
  • You’re pretty sure you’re losing money at the billing rates your prime gave you You need a pricing model that is flexible and lets you test competitive “what if” scenarios…

There MUST be a way to know you have the right pricing. Pricing that is both COMPETITIVE and PROFITABLE.

There’s no way you can afford to take projects without knowing how to do this, so either there is a BETTER way to bid this or you need to get out of the federal market…

I’m here to tell you…

There IS a better way. 

I’m Jenny Clark and for the last 20 years through my company Solvability, I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses WIN MORE federal contracts faster and with more confidence than they ever thought possible.

That’s EXACTLY why I created the DCAA Compliant QuickBooks program.

I’ve seen so many frustrated federal contractors trying to learn how to do pricing – dealing with pages and pages of spreadsheets. Every cost proposal has a different format and set of spreadsheets! Then it’s not enough to just complete the cost proposal, you also have to prove how your indirect pools are structured and show your proposed indirect rates, without really knowing what a reasonable range for fringe, overhead and G&A should be!..

I created the Solvability Rate & Pricing Model (RPM) that works for companies of all sizes…

When you join the DCAA Compliant QuickBooks program, you’ll be able to create projections more quickly and more accurately with the Solvability RPM…

Complete with “what-if” scenarios that allow you to bid much more COMPETITIVELY, CONFIDENTLY and PROFITABLY. 

Some of what you’ll be able to do with this program… 

  • Have the peace of mind knowing that you will make a profit because you’re constantly in control of your indirect rates…
  • Know what your real wrap rate is — so you know what you can afford to pay in salary for each labor category…
  • Be able to bid super aggressively when you have a “MUST WIN” bid…
  • Adjust the model for onsite and offsite rates, plus understand labor category strategies…
  • Create budgets for the fiscal year…plus project indirect rate forecasts for large multi-year proposals…
  • Make sure that your current year actuals stay on track…and know that your actual rates will be on target with what you’ve been bidding…

You’ll also learn how to create your own custom RPM model…


Maybe you’ve got a spreadsheet you found online or that your prime sent you, but you’re not even sure how it works – it has macros that do all the calculations for you. If so, you’ve probably realized…

Macros don’t work very well. 


With a macro, you get a spreadsheet and plug in the numbers…

Your data is spread over multiple spreadsheets.

It spits out numbers that you’re not really sure are right and you don’t know how to interpret the results.

The Solvability RPM is NOT a “one size fits all” macro-driven spreadsheet…



And the Solvability RPM lets you easily see all the calculations on one elegant spreadsheet. 

Bottom Line… It Works!


Here’s what some of my clients have said…

“I’m so, so, so thankful you have shown me the light. Because of what we did, I was able to make a precise job costing spreadsheet. It is eye opening to say the least. I can now easily see where I am making and losing money.” 

Stephen Rolston, RISA

“These last few weeks we have been working on new business opportunities, and I have really been working our numbers using the great info and templates you shared from your workshop; they have been invaluable!” 

Gigi Davis, Kastellum

Why Join the DCAA Compliant Quickbooks Program?

What makes this even better is that when you join the DCAA Compliant QuickBooks program, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to this training so that you can start pricing more competitively and more profitably NOW.

This is the FIRST time I’ve EVER offered this training as an online program… 

Before this, the only way you could get access to this methodology was either by hiring me as a consultant for minimum $15,000 plus flying me to wherever your company is located…

Or you could get this information by attending one of my live 2 day DCAA Compliant QuickBooks Boot Camps, requiring travel and hotel costs, plus 2 full days away from your business…

After almost 10 years doing my live DCAA Compliant QuickBooks Boot Camps, and hearing from many people who either couldn’t afford to hire me or who couldn’t make the specific dates of the live Boot Camp…

I knew I needed to make this information available to those who really need it.

With the DCAA Compliant QuickBooks Boot Camp program, you’ll receive: 

  • All the training modules offered in the live Boot Camp, leading the way to the RPM methodology
  • Hard copy of our 100 page DCAA Compliant QuickBooks Manual to take notes
  • Sample DCAA Compliant Chart of Accounts
  • Explanations of the DCAA Pre-award Survey SF 1408
  • Thorough definitions and explanations of government contracting and federal accounting terms and requirements
  • Identification and examples of Unallowable Costs
  • Multiple sections on how to compute indirect rates, showing what goes in the pools and bases for Fringe, Overhead and G&A
  • Examples from the Solvability Rate and Pricing Model (RPM) to refer to as you create and update your own spreadsheets
  • Discussion of the competitive ranges for Fringe, Overhead, G&A and Fee percentages based on contract types
  • Spreadsheets showing how to compute wrap rates, so you know what billing rate applies based on the employee’s pay rate, or can determine how much you can pay an employee based on the labor category billing rate
  • You’ll also learn how to pass a DCAA audit and see screenshots and descriptions of the settings inside QuickBooks to make it DCAA Compliant.
  • You’ll receive the Solvability RPM spreadsheet in Excel, so you can learn how it works and how you can update it to meet your needs to build your own pricing model.

This program gives you the ability to price competitively and confidently… 

Most importantly, you’ll be able to win more federal contracts! 

What you’ll get in the DCAA Compliant QuickBooks program is a game changer for your business and can add hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of dollars to your business.

Right now, you can get the DCAA Compliant QuickBooks program for the introductory price of $2500 

You cannot get this on-demand training for this incredibly low investment anywhere else. The price will be going up soon, so don’t miss your chance to get it now.

If you miss out on this opportunity, you could continue to struggle to competitively price and win contracts…

Even if you are just going after subcontracts, you need to become DCAA Compliant. 

Did you realize that Prime Contractors are now required to “certify” the accounting systems of their subcontractors? You may be required to pass an accounting system review performed by your prime contractor, using the same checklist that DCAA does but adding even more detailed procedures.

If you can’t pass their reviews, you can’t get on their teams… so you are locked out of even submitting your proposal!

You know that primes are vetting all small businesses these days – it’s not enough to be great on technical, have past performance or bring your socio-economic status… you have to be easy to work with and able to support the client from the back office, too!

You must REALLY understand indirect rates, otherwise you won’t be able to prove your books are DCAA Compliant…

Meaning you won’t be able to grow and you’ll continue to lose contracts you should have won…

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win more contracts and subcontracts and SET YOUR COMPANY UP for the NEXT FEW YEARS. 

This is more important every day. 

Get your indirect rates figured out, price more competitively and win more! Here’s to you winning more federal contracts with more confidence and ease,

Jenny Clark 

P.S. With the DCAA Compliant QuickBooks program, you can get this taken care of now… without it, you’ll continue to lose out on winning more contracts more quickly. Click here to join now. 

Do You Have Questions? Here Are Some General Ones…

What topics does this course cover, specifically?

DCAA Quickbooks Compliance Bootcamp
Lesson 1: What is a DCAA PreAwards Survey & Why Does It Matter?
Lesson 2: How far can you go with QuickBooks Pro?
Lesson 3: What is unique about Accounting for Government Contractors?
Lesson 4: How do my Indirect Rates Affect my Pricing?
Lesson 5: Can you show me how to calculate indirect rates from a Profit & Loss Statement?
Lesson 6: What other Spreadsheets would help me with Indirect Rates and Pricing?
Lesson 7: What are the rules for Travel Accounting for Federal Contractors?
Lesson 8: How about some practice exercises I can try in QuickBooks?
Lesson 9: Can you show my how to build my own Indirect Rate Model?
Lesson 10: BONUS – how does a Profit and Loss Statement tie to a Balance Sheet?

What if we don’t use Quickbooks? 

This program focuses on QuickBooks but the rules for federal contracting and the Solvability Rate and Pricing Model (RPM) apply to all accounting systems.

Will this work for QuickBooks Online (QBO)? 

YES, the methodology would work, but NO, QuickBooks Online cannot be made DCAA Compliant. It is not robust enough, it lacks Job Costing, and this is not just my opinion. You may have selected QBO because you liked the ability to share remote access, but you need to be on QuickBooks desktop version – I can help you solve the remote access issue.

Will I have to meet for weekly sessions? 

No. Since I want you to get the benefits of this information, you get instant access to all the training so that you can consume it as quickly as you want to. The program is self-paced so you can work on it on your own schedule.

I don’t have time! 

We never have enough time, but figuring out the pricing strategies that work for you is the only way you can win the work. You have to get over the hurdle of DCAA compliance, which means ability to compute Indirect rates, accounting processes and being able to pass a DCAA or prime contractor audit – do it NOW!

The program is self-paced – try binge-watching it like you would Breaking Bad or House of Cards. You can knock this out in a weekend!

If you really don’t have time to go through the training yourself – sign up your accountant so that your company benefits from these powerful tools and strategies.

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