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Once again, you’re getting on another flight for a meeting in DC. You’ve sent so many e-mails and made so many calls trying to set this up. You’re hoping that this trip will land you a place on the team that will bid and win the re-compete for a contract you’ve been tracking for three years. Luckily, you were able to set up a few other appointments on the same trip.

You think ahead to possibilities. By attending conferences and industry days, you decided what you wanted to go after in the federal market. As a small business, you have to spread across many directions, hoping one will stick! How will you set priorities to choose the agencies, the type of work, and the technology directions you’ll pursue? Is it possible to go after federal work that would have commercial applications as well?

How can small businesses innovate in a federal marketplace? We have to find ways to collaborate more effectively, and break down barriers with peer alliances, where there is “co-opetition” instead of competition.

As part of the Florida GovCon Summit, we’re hosting a collaborative session led by Mark Swanson of Lane Five Ventures, asking:

How can we innovate …

Business Processes

SBIR program



To positively help our industry ecosystem.

This session will be on Thursday afternoon, March 30, 2017 as part of Florida GovCon Summit in Tampa. Florida GovCon Summit focuses on helping small businesses win more federal contracts, by teaming for the larger federal deals.

We’re bringing together thought leaders and industry experts, entrepreneurs and prime contractors, agency representatives and authors – to create an interactive event that will allow small businesses across the federal marketplace to find mentors, teammates and partners. For more information, please go to Florida GovCon Summit and register NOW.


Need more info? Check out the conference site at and see the amazing list of speakers. Connect with me, Jenny W Clark, and message me through LinkedIn.