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Solvability Courses

Are you a federal contractor that is small business and going after set-asides and directed awards?

Are you tired of searching the internet for answers that aren’t specific to your questions?  Have you spent hours trying to find the first answer, and then realized you’d need to spend another day to find explanations of the other elements.

Do you need 24/7 access to answers?

Would you be willing to listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, and read LinkedIn postings?

Or do you want even more, like an training portal.

What if your specific questions became part of that knowledgebase?

Are you willing to put in the “reps?”

Will you do the homework, go through the online training courses, study the course materials, and use the practice worksheets?

Would you want to access to sessions for top-level guidance with senior GovCon experts – so you don’t waste any more time!

Do you want to get the information, make a decision and move on?

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