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What do you need?

Solvability works with 2nd stage federal contractors who have 10 to 100 employees, $2Million to $10Million in sales, to help them be more competitive on cost and pricing and to enable them to scale their businesses.

If you need help with:
  • Calculating your indirect rates for federal contract pricing
  • Developing a rate and pricing model specific to your business
  • Managing fringe, overhead and G&A rates for to be more competitive
  • Improving profitability and cash flow without increasing your overhead
  • Setting up a DCAA compliant accounting system integrated with timesheets, payroll, billing, indirect rate calculations, contract profitability and reporting
  • Passing a DCAA or DCMA proposal or pre-award Audit (SF1408)
  •  Submitting an Incurred Cost Proposal to DCAA
  • Connecting to GOVCON experts for legal, financing, insurance, cybersecurity, business development and capture, proposals and strategy 

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