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FLGOVCON 19 – G&A Rates

This is the fifth episode of the Pricing Strategy Series brought to you by Jenny W Clark. In this episode Jenny talks to you about G&A Rates.

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FLGOVCON 18 – Overhead

This is the fourth episode of the Pricing Strategy Series brought to you by Jenny W Clark. In this episode Jenny talks to you about Overhead.

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FLGOVCON 17 – Benefit Plans

This is the third episode of the Pricing Strategy Series brought to you by Jenny W Clark. In this episode Jenny talks to you about Benefit Plans.

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FLGOVCON 15 – Labor Pricing Overview

This is the first episode of the new Pricing Strategy Series brought to you by Jenny W Clark. In this episode Jenny goes over Labor Pricing giving you the facts you need to get it right.

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FLGOVCON 14 – Attracting Military Veterans

Today I am going to talk about how your company can benefit from hiring our military veterans and having a veteran friendly program at your company. One of your greatest company assets is your employees. I know you want great employees who give you their best and...

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​FLGOVCON 13 – Small Business Marketing

  I imagine your company provides great value to your customers. The product or service you provide may help them do amazing things or accomplish their mission in a timely manner. That has to make you feel really good. But wouldn't you like to help even more...

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FLGOVCON 12 – Small Business Productivity Tools

Last week in this series I talked about Office Productivity Applications and compared core applications for running your business. Well there are so many other business tools that could help you streamline and boost your business I wanted to take another episode and...

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FLGOVCON 11 – Office Productivity Applications

Office Productivity Applications Different types and sizes of businesses require a whole variety of things to keep themselves operational but one thing they all have in common is the core components every business requires to succeed. One of those is of course CRM...

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FLGOVCON 10 – Facebook & Twitter for Business

Facebook and Twitter for Business Today I am going to talk about two of the most well-known social networks that you should be using to benefit your business today. Facebook and Twitter. So right off the bat I know you may be thinking people don't really use social...

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FLGOVCON 09 – LinkedIn Benefits for Your Business

How you can use LinkedIn to move your business forward! Now one of the things you may be asking yourself, especially as a small business owner is "Do I really want to invest time or money on LinkedIn?". Well here is some food for thought while you are thinking about...

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Ten Tips to Understanding your QuickBooks Balance Sheet for Federal Contractors

In working with small federal contractors on DCAA Compliance issues, we always have to go in stages, first reviewing accounting basics, then explaining job costing and cost accounting, and finally talking about accounting practices unique to federal contractors.  Many business owners do not realize that federal contract accounting is a very specialized area, usually not any part of accounting degree programs.  Those of us in federal contract accounting mainly learned while on the job with a prime contractor.  Developing more advanced skills such as indirect rates strategics and pricing, improving profitability through indirect rate management, and responding appropriately to DCAA takes continuous learning and practice.

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FLGOVCON 08 – Smart Tools for Small Businesses

Small business success is something often gained by long hours, hard work, and 100 dedication to the tasks and milestones you have set for yourself to get there. As an entrepreneur or small business owner one of your biggest desires is to see that thing you created...

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FLGOVCON 07 – Estimating Costs for Proposals

.First scenario: Startup Diego and Steve started Avalanche Research a few years ago.  They work from home and don’t have a benefits program.  They have been asked by Raytheon to team on a proposal and Raytheon is asking “what are your rates?” How do Diego and Steve...

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FLGOVCON 06 – Labor Distribution and Payroll

This podcast is about the specifics of labor distribution and payroll for federal contractors. There are five elements of the labor distribution and payroll process: Organizing Employee Data: data to know who is working what job, and what information you have to get...

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FLGOVCON 05 – Contract Types

Today’s podcast is all about types of federal contracts.  We won’t cover all of the details, but enough to give you a basic understanding and be able to look up more information easily. There are really three main contract types – Fixed Price, Time & Materials and...

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FLGOVCON 04 – Accounting System Requirements

For small businesses in federal contracting, getting the right accounting system in place is more than just the accounting software.  And it’s about more than just being able to pass a DCAA Audit. The basic accounting requirements for DCAA Compliance are found at...

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FLGOVCON 03 – Relationships with Prime Contractors

1.Primes “flow down” clauses that increase the accounting burden on small business subcontractors 2.Your accounting capabilities become a factor in competing to be on teams or participate in awards – but you may not be able to get DCAA to review your systems 3.Some...

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FLGOVCON 02 – What is a Wrap Rate?

There are several other names for wrap rates: Loaded Labor Rate Fully Burdened Rate Fully Loaded Rate Billing Rate With or Without fee – be sure to clarify whether fee (profit) should be included. Components of a Wrap Rate are Direct Labor, Fringe, Overhead, General...

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Ops Center at i4GovCon Summit HQ

Registration for the i4GovCon Summit ends on Friday March 18 and we have just a few spots left.  

As you can see from the picture above, planning is not my strong suit.  Thanks to everyone who has helped shape this event and is contributing ideas, contacts, content, event management, surveys, prizes, moral support and sponsorship to make it a success.

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Do you have the Power?

ne of the biggest issues with technology today is power – whether connecting to a power supply or having batteries.  During an August 13,2015 session for the AFCEA Pelican Chapter small business roundtable at SOFWORX, we heard from Mark Swanson of Tampa Bay Technology Forum (TBTF) discuss key technologies that the Thunderdome Initiative seeks.  The Thunderdome Initiative brings together technology goals that are shared across commercial and federal industries, with partners that include Florida Blue, Jabil, Draper Labs, Publix, TriBridge, Celestar, Lukos, Lockheed Martin, USF and SOCOM, to name a few.  These technology areas are:

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Finding Your Place in the Federal Market

Ever wondered what happens when ideas can’t find their market?  How do we foster innovation and create a process to rapidly prototype, test, and improve?  Is there a way to capture the trials and tests in a way that we can build off what each iteration taught?  

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Top 3 Responses to DCAA for “Your Incurred Cost Submission is Inadequate”

If you are a small business in federal contracting, you probably are getting letters from DCAA about the Incurred Cost Submission you sent in on June 30 – and wondering how to respond.  At last, DCAA actually reviews the ICE submissions for adequacy before the person who prepared it has moved on to another job.  In the past, it was rare for them to even acknowledge receipt in the fiscal year. 

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Are You Ready for a Cost Plus Contract?

If you are a small business ready to grow in federal contracting, going after Cost Plus Contracts may be your next step. Up to now, you’ve only gone after Fixed Price and T&M. What new issues should you consider in the Cost Plus world?

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