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Bill “Roto” Reuter on The Brutal Truth of Customer Engagement

Talking to “Roto” Reuter, I asked: “What is the main thing that small businesses need to understand in order to be successful in federal contracting?”

His answer: “You have to show that you UNDERSTAND the DOMAIN.”

In other words: “What does it really take to understand the domain, that will give you the credibility to solve issues for the customer? If you are just going into prospective client meetings with a slide deck showing “here’s what we do/have done/want to do,” then are you wasting the customer’s time? How do you show that you understand their priorities and issues, and that you have the team and skills to work with them to solve them?”

We all know that you have to build relationships. Are you including everyone? Does the small business representative know your company and capabilities and are they in a position to advocate? Have you connected to the Contracting Officer and PM? Most importantly – how have you connected to the Stakeholders? What do you understand about the Stakeholders and how they want to see the contracting activity executed?

We’re looking forward to having Roto Reuter of R-Squared Solutions as a keynote speaker at the Florida GovCon Summit in Orlando on February 28-March 1, 2018. He’ll be sharing his insight on “The Brutal Truth about Customer Engagement.”

At R-Squared, Roto and his team of well-respected business community members help businesses identify the best opportunities for reliable and profitable partnerships. During his career, Roto went from test pilot to commander for the Navy’s premier training system research and development organization, managing more than $1 billion in training solutions annually, and leading a diverse team of more than 1200 Navy professionals, both active duty and civilians. He understands what agencies need for the warfighter, and can explain how second-stage small businesses in federal contracting can target opportunities that best fit their strategies.

The Florida GovCon Summit brings together experienced federal contractors for sessions on Targeting, Teaming and Tactics, including:


VETERAN CONNECTIONS TRACK: We’ve created sessions both days for transitioning veterans with a great lineup of speakers, including Kristy Nevils ofBusiness Academy for Veterans on Entrepreneurial Victory for Veterans with Chip Ellis of Federal Contracting Institute on Getting Started in Federal Contracting.

For more information or to register, visit:

To learn more about small businesses in federal contracting – here’s a link to our weekly podcast

Solvability works with second-stage small businesses in federal contracting through annual online training and coaching programs that address 20 Benchmarks we’ve identified as crucial barriers to small business success. We look forward to meeting you at Florida GovCon Summit, where we’ll be collecting participant responses to the 20 Benchmarks, giving you an idea of how you stack up compared to competitors in this market and creating a roadmap that addresses your priorities.

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