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Benchmarking Survey [Level 1]

Here are the instructions for the Government Compliance Benchmarking Survey. Complete the survey for your results.

  • DCAA Compliance means you could pass a DCAA Pre-Award Survey, form SF1408. Here's the quick fail test - if you can't calculate indirect rates based on your income statement detail, then you'll fail.
  • Can you print reports from your accounting system that show your labor hours and costs broken out by contract, overhead, G&A and leave? How do you show that the overhead and G&A percentages you are using to bid are based on your actuals and projected costs.
  • You've been bidding a wrap rate of 1.7, but could your actual costs be higher?
  • You know how to find opportunities and respond to proposals, you're a successful subcontractor and ready to prime. You have a pipeline and have planned your track for the next 18-36 months.
  • You have the basics but your customer doesn't find you. You have to find them, and your website and social media presence is part of how they check out your company.
  • When you are going after more complex projects and growing fast, how do you make sure your pricing methods make sense?
  • Billing would be easy if you didn't have so many charge numbers, billing rates, contract values and end rates to track.