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This is not my list – found it and hope you find benefit.

1.      Have you registered in SAM.gov?

2.      Have you completed your DSBS Profile (aka SBA Profile)?

3.      Have you strategically registered on state, county and local vendor sites? (including VendorLink)

4.      Are you familiar with the FAR?

5.      WOSBs – Have you uploaded your required documents to the SBA Certify Portal?

6.      VOSBs – Have you pursued your CVE (aka Vets First) verification?

7.      Are you eligible for the 8(a) Business Development Program?

8.      Have you explored all of the set-aside certifications as an option for your business?

9.      Do you have a strong Baseline Capabilities Statement?

10.  Do you have a written, intentional Networking Strategy (including upcoming matchmaking events)?

11.  Do you use Opportunity-Specific Capabilities Statements?

12.  Have you developed strong messaging around your unique differentiators and experience?

13.  Do you have a written Government Contracting Marketing Plan?

14.  Are you focused on your commercial sector growth?

15.  Have you developed a ‘Blended Marketing Plan’ (commercial growth and government contracting)

16.  Have you updated your website and internet presence to reflect your government contracting efforts?

17.  Is your marketing effort rooted in a sustainable, segmented, manageable ‘list’ ?

18.  Does your marketing effort include well defined ‘target markets’ and ‘target accounts’?

19.  Do the SBLOs at your targeted agencies and prime contractors know who you are?

20.  Are you using the Florida SBDC’s “Bid-Match”? Have you updated your keywords lately?

21.  Have you utilized the FLSBDC Market Research Capabilities?

22.  Has our research team conducted a Woo Rank Analysis of your website?

23.  Have you identified potential teaming and prime contractor partners?

24.  Do you have a plan to filter and prioritize proposal opportunities (capture plan)?

25.  Are you eligible for a GSA Schedule? Does it make sense for you to pursue it?

26.  Do you have a sustainable proposal development and review process?

27.  Have you explored the New All Small Business Mentor-Protégé Program?

28.  Do you know your bonding capabilities (if applicable)?

29.  Do you have a plan to achieve DCAA Compliance?

30.  Are you working with a Budget yet?

31.  Do you know your ‘wrap rate’?

32.  Have you developed an ‘Ethics and Compliance’ policy?

33.  Do you have a viable quality assurance strategy?

34.  Do you have an established safety program?

35.   Do you have any new hires that need training in Government Contracting?

36.   Do you have an Employee Handbook?

37.  Are you Required to be NIST 800-171 compliant? Do you pursue contracts that require it?

38.  Do you have a written Personal Development Plan for yourself and your team members?

39.  Have you taken advantage of the FLSBDC DISC Assessment Capability?

40.  Do you have a formal, written Succession Plan for Key Positions?

41.  Have you developed a 36-Month Financial Pro-Forma (forecast)?

42.  Have you identified your ‘threats to scalability’? Do you have a plan to improve?

43.  Do you utilized KPIs and a Corporate Dashboard?

44.  Do you have a written Business Plan?

45.  Do you have your BAIL Team in place? (Banker, Accountant, Insurance, Lawyer)

46.  Have you developed any kind of Advisory Board?

47.  Are you eligible for the Small Business Entrepreneurship programs?

48.  Do you have a Strategic Plan in place? Do you have goals in place for 2018 and beyond?

49.  Is your business Bankable, Bondable and Investable?

50.  Do you have a regular accountability partner to help you complete these, and other, action steps?

For more information about getting started, here’s a link to my podcast.


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