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5 Tips for Improving Business Development Outcomes, Now!

You spend so much money trying to identify and go after the work in the federal sector.

You’re always gearing up – getting this certification and trying to get qualified for HUBZONE or whatever, going after another big IDIQ, setting up your GSA Schedule and trying to get on teams.

Is that enough?

At the Florida GovCon Summit on February 28 and March 1 in Orlando, we have a rare opportunity to hear from Guy Timberlake of the American Small Business Coalition, and Stephanie Zink of Taurus Group, in our opening session we’ve code-named “Frick and Frack.”

Here’s a description of what Guy Timberlake and Stephanie Zink will be talking about:

Doing business in the federal sector is a fast-moving target. It’s subject to constant change due to increased competition, fewer opportunities as a result of consolidation, larger dollar values, the diminishing value of incumbent status and a continuing shift in how, if or when deals and decision-makers can be influenced. 

Companies who understand and implement core tenets of the business development life cycle (Assessment, Strategy, Marketing, Business Development, Capture Management and Proposal Management) based on deliberate Market and Competitive Research, almost always possess and demonstrate a clear and identifiable competitive advantage as a result of intentionally pursuing and sustaining an information advantage. 

During this comprehensive and interactive discussion, Stephanie Zink (Taurus Group) and Guy Timberlake (The American Small Business Coalition) discuss real-world tactics, tools and resources companies can use to improve their federal sector business development processes and outcomes.

If you don’t know about Guy Timberlake and Stephanie Zink, now is the time to sign up so you can soak in some knowledge and strategy for your #GovCon business.

Do you feel like you’re paddling in murky waters, where everyone else is trying to fish?

What if you could spend some strategy days with small business peers and #GovCon industry experts – who can share some their insight – even getting maps and charts with favorite fishing spots? What is we could show you how to cast a wider net? What if we could make sure that the communications channels are open, that we can share information that will protect your own fishing fleet?

Sign up today for the Florida GovCon Summit in Orlando

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