5 Things That Keep GovCon CEOs Awake at Night - Solvability
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Does this sound like you?

1 Are my Billing Rates too low? It doesn’t seem like I’m making the profit I should be.

2 Are my Billing Rates too high? The prime told me my billing rates seemed a big high, but I don’t know if it’s 5% too high or 20% too high. Am I missing out on work? Is that why I didn’t win that bid last month?

3 What if I can’t get the financing I need to grow? I’ve submitted so many proposals. I don’t know what will come in and when, but we need more options for covering cash flow requirements when the new awards ramp up.

4 Will our systems be able to handle the new work? We’ve got bids out there for Cost Plus contracts, which we don’t have the systems to manage right now. I’ve been told it’s hard to run Cost Plus just using spreadsheets, but I can’t upgrade the systems until we know the work comes in. Or do I upgrade now before the growth so we’re ready?

5 Am I searching in the wrong places online, because I can’t find the answers I need? It’s’s hard to find answers on terms like “wrap rates”, “indirect rates”, “unallowable costs”, “DCAA Compliance” – where do I go for answers?

Does this sound like you?

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